Starting Sunday, May 1, 2016 – join GrowYourBusiness.Yoga for 30 Days of Mantras! You can use these mantras as a way to start or end your day with a positive intention. Or, if you’re looking to really challenge yourself, take ‘May is for Mantras’ to the next level with my steps below.

I’d love to hear how your month is going, so be sure to share my posts with your insights and tag #MayMantras #GrowYoga #30DayMantraChallenge – Follow along on Facebook, Twitter @growyogabiz, and Instagram @growyourbusinessyoga!

Benefits of the #30DayMantraChallenge

  • Deepen your Yoga Practice
  • Feed your Mind & Spirit
  • Increase Prosperity & Abundance
  • Release Blocks & Fears

Step 1: Meditation

Read the daily mantra out loud. Meditate on this mantra for at least 5 minutes. This is simply repeating the mantra over and over in your head.

*Bonus points* Meditate at the same time each day! This will increase consistency and balance in your life.

Step 2: Reflection

Reflect on where your mantra meditation led you. What thoughts did it inspire? Did it trigger a memory? How did this make you feel? Did you feel this emotion in a particular spot in your body?

*Bonus points* Write down your reflection in a journal.

Step 3: Share Your Journey

Let others know that you are committing to this challenge. This may help with your personal accountability. Share the mantra on Social Media and share your reflection.

*Bonus points* Tag GrowYourBusiness.Yoga in your posts, so we can build a community for the #30DayMantraChallenge.

Ryan Rockwell (“The Yogi Marketer”) turned his passion for yoga and marketing into a career as one of the most sought after marketing strategists. His focus is representing individuals and companies who have a conscious voice. This includes marketing for Yoga Journal, National Geographic, Vegetarian Times, Backpacker, Climber, and True Nature Yoga. Ryan’s work has evolved into helping other yoga teachers share their gifts with the world.
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