I often hear fellow yogis describe an inner conflict of being a passionate yoga teacher, but not wanting or knowing how to be business savvy… usually, because they have a false notion of what this means. Business savvy doesn’t mean you abandon your yoga values and become some money-hungry mogul. It means you understand your value, know how to market it to others, and are able to prosper from the abundance that follows.

In order to connect your yoga passion with business success, you must be intentional and purposeful. Work through each step below to tap into your highest good and find true happiness in your career.

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Aristotle believed the highest human good was to realize your true potential, or “eudaimonia” (personal happiness). In his ethics, each of us enters life with unique value, and our main pursuit is to recognize our special strengths and seek to realize them.

The goal of being eudaimon is not to reach some other checklist goal, it is the highest goal. All other goals – career success, financial abundance, health – are sought because they enhance well-being, not because they are what well-being consists of.

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Write down your career intentions, goals, and value. Be honest with yourself, this is for you and only you!

Start here: Do you want to make yoga your full-time career? Or, is it already? Do you believe this is the best way you can add value to society? Why? Write down exactly why you are passionate about yoga. How can you improve the experiences of others? How can you live for something bigger than yourself and leave a mark on the world?

Do not write down any fears, this will only manifest them. Instead, write with the intention of endless possibilities and opportunities. You will be more powerful and effective in business and life if you know how to ask for what you want.

If you are having writer’s block, put on some peaceful music and free write for 10 minutes a day until you find your stream of consciousness. Be open to infinite possibilities and watch how your worries lose credibility.

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Don’t be afraid to be creative, work hard and think outside your personal box. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, all you need is a change in perspective. Nourishing your creative side will help you get to this point. Yes, you are passionate about yoga. But what else? Maybe it’s nature, art, music, dance. Nurture your creativity in as many ways as possible. The best innovation occurs when two or more disciplines collide.

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Meditation is one of those things you know you should do, but probably don’t do enough. Commit to a small daily meditation and it will help the flow of your business by allowing you to connect to your highest self and your highest good.

Pick a time each day – when you wake up or before bed or anytime in between. Find a quiet, comfortable spot, and free your mind. Maybe you use savasana for meditation, which is great because you’re taking time for your personal yoga practice! There are also tons of phone apps for guided meditations (like these), or you can do a YouTube/iTunes search (hint: Deepak Chopra). Do whatever it takes to commit.

Creating career happiness starts by connecting with your highest self. By truly understanding your highest good, and setting each action with this intention, your business will be better aligned with your purpose.

A happy, purposeful mind attracts infinite abundance!

Ryan Rockwell (“The Yogi Marketer”) turned his passion for yoga and marketing into a career as one of the most sought after marketing strategists. His focus is representing individuals and companies who have a conscious voice. This includes marketing for Yoga Journal, National Geographic, Vegetarian Times, Backpacker, Climber, and True Nature Yoga. Ryan’s work has evolved into helping other yoga teachers share their gifts with the world.
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