Putting a little time and effort into becoming Web-savvy goes a long way when trying to surface as a good yoga instructor. Knowing how to put together a 10 minute video can help you get to more people, with the overpowering of DVD by online content. Here are some of the advantages of online yoga content:

Online video helps you reach out to people outside your usual student base, both geographically and audience-wise. More and more yoga teachers have the opportunity to get their voices heard online, whereas with other means, it is harder and doesn’t always depend on you.

It can be a drag to try to fit all of the classes you want to teach for all the students you wish to teach into your already hectic schedule. For the same energy expenditure it takes you to teach one class, people from all over can experience it again and again. Showing up for all your students without compromising the quality of your classes and teachings has never been so easy. All it takes is a high-definition video and good editing.

Since you’ve got time and tools to edit your classes, they will surely be a higher quality. Decide what you’re trying to achieve. Are you outlining a routine for students to follow from the comfort of their homes? Guiding a meditation? Where are you going to film? You want it to look as good as it makes you feel. Spend time making them unique and fun for your students. Don’t forget to choose a platform to broadcast your final product. Youtube is a surefire option.

Viewers will relate to you best when they see how much you put into your content. Try to be your natural self and come across as genuine.

You can get decent money out of it. Offering downloads online for a little money can be a good sort of passive income. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of charging for your videos, you can always invest the money back into your yoga business or a cause that’s close to your heart. Of course, offering your videos for free can bring your business to more people, leading to new opportunities for teaching online and in person.


Online teaching is a necessary take on yoga in today’s media-filled world. Consider it as a project that will boost your business into a whole new dimension. And don’t forget to enjoy spreading out your yoga teachings and message!

Ryan Rockwell (“The Yogi Marketer”) turned his passion for yoga and marketing into a career as one of the most sought after marketing strategists. His focus is representing individuals and companies who have a conscious voice. This includes marketing for Yoga Journal, National Geographic, Vegetarian Times, Backpacker, Climber, and True Nature Yoga. Ryan’s work has evolved into helping other yoga teachers share their gifts with the world.
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