Yoga teaching has inevitably become a trending topic in the business world, with yogis all around the world marketing instructional yoga packages, festivals and other yoga-related activities. Most teachers don’t get into it for the money – they simply enjoy living and breathing yoga as a way of life. But the reality is it’s their jobs, and they need to pay their rent with it. None of their training includes tackling the work field, or working up the numbers. For yogis that are struggling with this side of their work, or only just starting off, the following should be things they take into account:

Time for an attitude check!

Marketing one’s business, one’s lifestyle is not against being humble! You can let people know you teach yoga without seeming money-driven or fake. Embrace your training and let your passion towards your job drive your yoga teaching. Never cease to transmit that to other people. Tell your friends, family and neighbors about what you do. Get them interested. Spread the word! They’ll most likely be supportive and show interest. And don’t be afraid to strike your warrior pose against that self-doubt. You are as capable as anyone.


Find your own thing

In the face of the booming and highly competitive world of yoga business it’s easy to get a little intimidated. In these cases, the best you can do is stand out. Don’t hesitate to do a little research: find out what people are looking for in a yoga class, what time and day are they most likely available? Survey your surroundings: are there a lot of old people around? What about stay at home moms? Can you offer your services to high performance athletes in your community? Find new elements to put into your routine: Is there any scenery that you think will make your sessions more interesting? Are there techniques that will help people achieve their poses more efficiently, that you give out in your class?

Find something new that will lure students into your classes. It’s all about looking after your students. There is no way but up!

A smile goes a long way

Being socially dynamic is truly a big help when you’re a yoga teacher marketing your business. Talking to friends, family, neighbors and other yoga teachers about your endeavor is the first step to getting yourself out there. Most yoga teachers relate to being inwardly or simply not naturally talkative. If this is your case, no need to worry, there are many other ways to get people interested.


“Old school” is cool as well

Paper marketing is often viewed as archaic, but it is a safe way of getting to different people. Business cards, flyers, ads, anything you can place strategically to appeal to people that you think might be interested.

Go blue

Because we’re in the 21st century, social media has never been more available to anyone. It has become a platform for all kinds of projects and entrepreneurs all over the world have taken advantage of it. Why not promote your yoga teaching through a carefully assembled webpage, blog or Facebook community? It is a good way for people to get to know you, what you offer and for you to share and reach out beyond your local community. If going big is not what you seek, maybe Twitter or Instagram are places you should look at. With the right assessment and posts, you’ll have tons of followers/potential students in no time! There are also platforms that are specific for the yoga community such as Yogatrial.

Ryan Rockwell (“The Yogi Marketer”) turned his passion for yoga and marketing into a career as one of the most sought after marketing strategists. His focus is representing individuals and companies who have a conscious voice. This includes marketing for Yoga Journal, National Geographic, Vegetarian Times, Backpacker, Climber, and True Nature Yoga. Ryan’s work has evolved into helping other yoga teachers share their gifts with the world.
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