Becoming a certified yoga teacher isn’t as atypical as it was decades ago. Yoga studios are sprouting from the land all over the place. It is a great time to learn how to teach yoga. Going abroad to teach is a great way to gain experience and confidence in what you do. But before travelling away and off to foreign turfs, make sure to meet the following requirements:

1. Yoga instructor insurance – NACAMS is recommended – professional insurance is an investment every yoga teacher should make. It is relatively low cost, it will allow you to work in places where they require it and will protect you from claims regarding accidents or other mishaps in your yoga studio.

2. Travel/medical insurance – World Nomads is recommended – it is simple and you can do everything online.

3. A travel yoga mat and towel– you want to take advantage of every opportunity you have to practice – or simply relax. Between flights, while waiting for a means of transportation or at your place of residence.

4. Carry-on size backpack and lightweight gear – it makes travelling easier and more effective, without heavy luggage.

Now, how to find a teaching job abroad?

Check out YogaTrade: It’s an online yoga community and it connects teachers and students from around the globe with work and job opportunities. After becoming a member (for only about $15 USD), you’ll have access to job offers from Yoga studios, both paid and volunteer. You can narrow down your search by typing in your desired destination. Create a profile and chat with yoga teachers – even post on all sorts of topics, from yoga to health to your own personal brand.

Consider working for a hotel, resort or hostel: Most offer yoga classes to their guests. Make phone calls, research online and send e-mails ahead of time, it’s a safe bet. If there is a retreat happening in your vicinity, reach out and let them know you can teach or substitute. Let the owners of the hostel you stay at know you are a yoga teacher – start a trend! Everyone can use a little yoga.

Find what makes you special: The yoga market is full of people with good ideas, and it is important to set yourself apart. Find something you’re especially good at – teaching kids, the elderly, or teaching in more than one language – and you will succeed.


Take advantage of the different events and jobs out there to network and make a name for yourself. You never know who you’re going to meet and chances are, you’ll find places that’ll mark your career and your life.

Ryan Rockwell (“The Yogi Marketer”) turned his passion for yoga and marketing into a career as one of the most sought after marketing strategists. His focus is representing individuals and companies who have a conscious voice. This includes marketing for Yoga Journal, National Geographic, Vegetarian Times, Backpacker, Climber, and True Nature Yoga. Ryan’s work has evolved into helping other yoga teachers share their gifts with the world.
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