“Take What You Need” for Your Most Productive Week

I see this image often. The tear off tag poster (think: missing puppy sign) to "take what you need" with inspiring words that feed the soul. Take what you need: Hope. Faith. Courage. Peace. Passion. Beauty. Freedom. Honor. Opportunity. A Chance. Joy. Compassion. Love. In our world where consumerism is everything and there is so much [...]

May is for Mantras

Starting Sunday, May 1, 2016 - join GrowYourBusiness.Yoga for 30 Days of Mantras! You can use these mantras as a way to start or end your day with a positive intention. Or, if you're looking to really challenge yourself, take 'May is for Mantras' to the next level with my steps below. I'd love to [...]

How To Tap Into Your Highest Good for Career Happiness

I often hear fellow yogis describe an inner conflict of being a passionate yoga teacher, but not wanting or knowing how to be business savvy… usually, because they have a false notion of what this means. Business savvy doesn’t mean you abandon your yoga values and become some money-hungry mogul. It means you understand your [...]

The R[E]volution of Yoga Teacher Marketing

“Ryan has been instrumental in my success as a Yoga Teacher! He has helped me put my vision for my yoga business online and helped me connect with my true tribe, the people I always wanted to connect but didn’t know how.” – Ocean M. I'm so excited to finally launch my webinar! It's something [...]

No More Burnout: 3 Ways Passion Transforms Success

Teaching yoga requires passion. Absent of that, no amount of marketing or training will make you a success. Working too many hours, close to burnout, and wondering if the only way to make more money is to work even harder. I’ve been there. I’ve been at the point where you stop enjoying your work because you’re [...]