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Why Do Yoga Teachers Have A Hard Time Talking About Money?

This is one of the toughest topics for many of us – especially yoga teachers – to discuss. From the great sages that have come before us, we know true freedom comes from going beyond our wants and desires. From my experience though, I find that we often push money away because of what we [...]

Opening up a yoga studio: things to consider

Opening up a yoga studio without wanting to know anything about the business management behind it is like going to a new restaurant and asking for a hot meal without even looking at the menu or the price; it is unwise to ignore the fact that business and opening up a yoga studio go together. [...]

Private Yoga sessions

One-on-one yoga classes can be both personally and financially fulfilling. Needless to say, private yoga teaching is not the same as teaching a group class: while it may seem easier to teach one person as opposed to teaching a group of people, it can be more challenging if you’re not properly prepared. Before you venture [...]

To The Future You As A Full-Time Yoga Teacher

Becoming a full-time yoga teacher involves more than directing a class or being flexible – it takes a business person to give full-flight to a project as big as what you dream of achieving. But how to find that perfect place between the too humble yoga teacher that doesn’t want to impose, and the one [...]

A Book Guide For Yoga Teachers

Books are a good tool to use when you want to get pointers and good advice. Millions of books out there explore the wonderful theory and techniques of yoga and cover everything from teaching techniques to philosophy to practical knowledge. This is a comprehensive list of the books that can be helpful at some point [...]

5 ways to get creative with your yoga classes

As a yoga teacher, you are continuously planning your next class, trying to come up with creative and meaningful sequences that will carry your message. The more classes you teach, the more difficult it may seem to become inspired. In case you’re stuck in a rut or feel a bit lost, we have some inspiration. [...]

How To Start Teaching Yoga Online

Putting a little time and effort into becoming Web-savvy goes a long way when trying to surface as a good yoga instructor. Knowing how to put together a 10 minute video can help you get to more people, with the overpowering of DVD by online content. Here are some of the advantages of online yoga [...]

How to become a yoga teacher abroad

Becoming a certified yoga teacher isn’t as atypical as it was decades ago. Yoga studios are sprouting from the land all over the place. It is a great time to learn how to teach yoga. Going abroad to teach is a great way to gain experience and confidence in what you do. But before travelling [...]

Getting Your First Yoga Teaching Job

When you finish training to become a yoga teacher, the first obstacle you are faced with is finding a job. Whether it’s in your home town, for a small group of people and close ones, or at a big studio out in the city, it can be a challenge if you don’t prepare for it. [...]

Marketing Your Yoga Teaching Career

Yoga teaching has inevitably become a trending topic in the business world, with yogis all around the world marketing instructional yoga packages, festivals and other yoga-related activities. Most teachers don’t get into it for the money – they simply enjoy living and breathing yoga as a way of life. But the reality is it’s their [...]