Why Do Yoga Teachers Have A Hard Time Talking About Money?

This is one of the toughest topics for many of us – especially yoga teachers – to discuss. From the great sages that have come before us, we know true freedom comes from going beyond our wants and desires. From [...]

“Take What You Need” for Your Most Productive Week

I see this image often. The tear off tag poster (think: missing puppy sign) to "take what you need" with inspiring words that feed the soul. Take what you need: Hope. Faith. Courage. Peace. Passion. Beauty. Freedom. Honor. Opportunity. A Chance. [...]

May is for Mantras

Starting Sunday, May 1, 2016 - join GrowYourBusiness.Yoga for 30 Days of Mantras! You can use these mantras as a way to start or end your day with a positive intention. Or, if you're looking to really challenge yourself, take [...]

How To Tap Into Your Highest Good for Career Happiness

I often hear fellow yogis describe an inner conflict of being a passionate yoga teacher, but not wanting or knowing how to be business savvy… usually, because they have a false notion of what this means. Business savvy doesn’t mean [...]

The R[E]volution of Yoga Teacher Marketing

“Ryan has been instrumental in my success as a Yoga Teacher! He has helped me put my vision for my yoga business online and helped me connect with my true tribe, the people I always wanted to connect but didn’t [...]

No More Burnout: 3 Ways Passion Transforms Success

Teaching yoga requires passion. Absent of that, no amount of marketing or training will make you a success. Working too many hours, close to burnout, and wondering if the only way to make more money is to work even harder. I’ve [...]

Tips + Tricks: Social Media Marketing for Yogis

Yoga is a mental, physical, and emotional journey with a deeply rooted history. The practice of yoga is unique to each person, yet the results and benefits are appreciated universally. It's no surprise that in 2015, yoga was named one [...]

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Opening up a yoga studio: things to consider

Opening up a yoga studio without wanting to know anything about the business management behind it is like going to a new restaurant and asking for a hot meal without even looking at the menu or the price; it is [...]

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